Our Divisions

Refrigerated Warehousing

For products to be delivered fresh, our standardized solutions make sure they stay fresh throughout the warehousing cycle.

We pay a great deal of attention to operate our cold storage space in two temperate zones. Our freezer space is strictly maintained and our cooler facilities are kept well-tuned for the optimal temperature and humidity conditions for vegetable storage. We also have a solid inspection system implemented by our food safety staff to assure plant sanitation, personal hygiene, food safety and quality control.

Meat and Poultry Processing

We understand top chefs' needs for top quality meats, and we know even better what they ask for in detailed specification. We are really more than a meat distributor; we work also for your achievement in the kitchen for perfect portion control, wastage reduction and freeing up storage space. We have a team of meat processing specialists to help select the appropriate categories and prepare meats to customized specification, so that chefs rest assured they can work their magic on our products that exactly meet their purposes.

We are also proud of our marinating lines for meat and poultry, which provides value-adding solutions to fit the products perfectly into your recipes.


Thanks to our tirelessly working vegetable crew, we have earned a reputation among customers as a specialist in fresh domestic and exotic produce. They have passion and connection for our evolving variety of fresh vegetables - the reason that we can always deliver freshness to our customers as expected.


We have been the leading choice to fill customers' diversified needs with our large stocked inventory of grocery and restaurant supply, ranging from dry/can ingredients, seasonings, kitchen cutlery, table tops, and disposables.


We have a suite of delivery services to meet different business needs from restaurants and supermarkets, and you can enjoy the convenience of shopping for ingredients and groceries from the comfort of your kitchen or store.

For twenty years we have offered daily deliveries to clients based in Calgary. We also guarantee out-of-town clients that their orders get to their destination in the quickest manner, while keeping freshness to our products with temperature-controlled trucks.

Customer Service

Our customer service create delightful experience for customers, and make sure customers always have the access to easy ordering and order follow-up.

Through our patient customer service team who are knowledgeable in our products, we value all types of feedbacks, whether they are positive or critical in nature. Because we know they matter to keep us at the same page as our customers.

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