About Us

With our history stretching back two decades, Sumwa's success has been rooted in our understanding of the needs of our customers, and the offering of the very best in product quality. We stay true to our value and quality, so that our customers - restaurants and grocery retailers alike - can delight ultimate consumers with the best and freshest supply they can get.

Sumwa's story was started in 1996, when we established our first distribution centerin Calgary to supply the growing appetite in the catering industry for Asia's flavor and top ingredients. We are proud to have been a part in bringing diversity and health to local eating culture all along.

Although our roots sit firmly with innovative products from Asia, we are today the reliable supplier of an extensive range of meats, vegetables, grocery items and restaurant consumables to some of the biggest restaurant and supermarket names, whom we have cooperated with for years.

For our existing operations, we maintain our primary warehouse facility covering some 45,000 square feet, located in Northeast Calgary, Alberta, and enjoying the convenience of freeway accesses. Sumwa is well situated with its networks and resources to provide daily, streamlined distribution to customers all around Calgary and Edmonton areas.

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